Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Extraordinary Ordinary

I have a theory about happiness.
I know that in life there are so many things that contribute to being happy, but I believe that one of the key ingredients in a happy life is being present in the moment and being happy with your life as it stands today. If you can be happy today you truly own your life and you aren't waiting for happiness as an end point, it is right where you are right now.
For me, remembering to be present in the moment and appreciating what I have every day is best described by the quest for finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.
It might seem foolish to some that I smile and stop to take photos of a flowering weed on the roadside, or that the smell, sight and experience of melting chocolate and cream on an autumn afternoon is one of my favourite things in life. I know that others will say that small things amuse small minds, when I am enchanted by the play of the winter morning sunlight on the skin of a pomegranate or the way the lemons in my neighbour's backyard seem ripe with afternoon sunshine and fading summer heat. If these are the things that amuse my small mind I pity the greater minds who cannot comprehend the happiness that is to be found in everyday places, and all the extraordinary experiences that await us in every moment.
 There is a little extraordinary in even the most basic of things, if you constantly wait for the grand and the brilliant to inspire happiness in your life then you miss out on all the opportunities to be happy in the times in between.
My challenge to you is to seek the extraordinary in the ordinary. Take a moment to really experience what you are doing and see the beauty in each minute you get to be alive. Notice things, use your senses, be curious about your own life, take an interest in others and love every day.
Here are some of the extraordinary things I have seen on an ordinary weekend.

Zucchini muffins (recipe here)

Saturday morning at the markets.

Preparation for sangria

Raspberry macaron shared with Mum and Jess.

My grandparents back in Denmark when they were young and in love.

Lemons (and my Dad) in our neighbour's backyard

Making chocolate fondant with Casey. How could you not see the beauty in that moment.

Remember the extraordinary surrounds us everyday, you just need to be open to experiencing it.

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