Monday, March 26, 2012

A quarter is more than you think....

One quarter. Doesn't seem like much when you hold it in your hand in the shape of a coin.
When you look at a cake, it seems like a bit more.
What happens when you look at a century?
25 years.
On Saturday I officially celebrated 25 years in this world.

I have lived a beautiful life so far. I am lucky that even with all my adventures, and a few mistakes under my belt, I do not regret a single moment of it.
It is with the distance of years, a rose-coloured glass barrier of time, that I can look at what I have been through with a smile on my face and comfort in my heart.
There are always clouds, even in the bluest of skies and those rainy days will catch you by surprise, out in the open without an umbrella sometimes. 
Last year I had the longest summer of my life. Bright mornings, clear days, golden afternoons and brilliant star filled nights.
Sadly, all summers must come to an end, but the seeds sown within my soul on those long warm days were nurtured by the rains that followed and the fruits are mine to gather and share with all who come to my table.

The beauty of celebrating the passage of time that has passed between this March 24th and the last is the patterns it reveals and the truths it spells out so plainly.
Once these patterns and truths are in front of me there is no way to ignore them; in fact, it would be unhealthy not to learn from what life is teaching me.
I prefer to focus on the patterns that make me happy and how I can continue these threads throughout the quilt of my life.
What makes me happy?
Early morning so that I can be the first to see the sunrise and hear the last of the night time quiet before the world wakes.
My family and friends. Time with them is more precious than anything you can buy.
Things that grow. Flowers, fruit, being close to the earth.
Feeling my heart beat, and race and rise and recover.
Sharing whole, delicious food with people I love.
Losing myself in pages, dancing between the lines, and remembering that there is nothing beyond the power of imagination.
When you find a pattern that works - keep it on repeat, these are the threads that help me weave a thoroughly nourished life.

What are my truths? What have I learned so far on this wonderful journey?
Just love. Love is the most important thing.
Love your life, and show it the commitment that it deserves. Treasure each and every day. Even the dark ones, they make you appreciate the light so much more.
Love every heart that comes your way - whether family, friend, or neighbour - we really are in this together.
Love the earth, take care of the little patch that you get to call your own. We might not all get to call the shots on global warming, or the bigger issues, but take care of your space. Plant a garden. Love an animal. Do what you can, with what you have.
The biggest truth of all: love yourself.
Look at those scars, inside and out, and remember that they are the poetry of your life.
The ferocity you feel inside - all that you are at your very core, that is your power - your gift of life to share with the world.
Don't try to change it, it might bend to your will for a time, but it will never submit.
So stand in your truth and love it every day.
Until you can love exactly who you are, right now, you will never be able to give yourself fully to all the other brilliant loves that are waiting right outside your door.

When I look back, when my last quarter is spent, I want to be able to smile and close my eyes and say.
Yes, I loved this life.
Happy birthday Amy. Here's to the next quarter.


  1. u are one of the most eloquently written/spoken 25 year olds i have ever had the great privilege to meet! (even cyberly...hehe!) as always, so beautiful and i'm excited u have so many lovely people in ur life and things that make u happy. truth, just as u say, is life is too short not to do that things that make u happy! :)

  2. Such strong words, truly inspiring! And love the pictures as well!

  3. awwwww happy birthday dear friend! i felt like it was crazy that i had been alive for an entire quarter of a century when i turned 25...i could barely believe it! i like what you say about loving yourself and not necessarily changing it...sometimes the most powerful moments are when we can just love ourselves for who we are :)

  4. Happy belated birthday!!! You're right, love is the most important thing. Whether it's loving someone else, them loving you or loving what you do, love makes life worth living.