Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh I Miss You All

My dearest readers,
I am sorry for my absence at the moment. This week just passed I had several evening engagements as well as work and university; with the candle burnt at both ends I flickered out for a little while.
Absence certainly has made my heart grow fonder. I promise prolific prose promptly delivered this week.
In the meantime please accept my apologies; I will be back very soon with recipes, commentary, and photos.
All my chickpea heart,


  1. glad you had a week full of wonderful events and learning :) looking forward though to of course hearing more from you soon :)

  2. a busy chickpea u are and continue to enjoy ALL of the awesome events u have going on...tis true it will only make us enjoy and savor the time we do get with u....hehe. :) have fun over yonder!